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GS-1  Loop Start to Ground Start Converter


GS-1 Loop Start to Ground Start Converter

The GS-1 Loop Start to Ground Start Converter allows equipment designed for connection to standard loop start telephone circuits to operate with ground start telephone circuits.

Two versions are available. The GS-1-8 provides eight circuits of loop start to ground start conversion. The GS-1-12 provides 12 circuits of loop start to ground start conversion.

Both units require no external power source for operation they are powered by the ground start trunks. Installation is easy; simply connect the GS-1 between the loop start equipment and the ground start trunks.

Both units are completely self-contained in a wall-mounted cabinet. Interconnections are made using a 25-pair plug. The GS-1 is FCC registered and UL LISTED.

GS-1 Specifications

Number of Circuits:
GS-1-8: 8
GS-1-12: 12

Ringing Voltage: 60-150 Vac, 16-68 Hz

Ringing Detect Time: 100 milliseconds (nominal)

Circuit Release after Ringing Time: 6 seconds (nominal)

Minimum Ring Lead Current: 12 mA

Loop Current Detect Time: 10 milliseconds (nominal)

Loop Current Disconnect Time: 375 milliseconds (nominal)

Maximum Loop Resistance: limited by loop start trunk loop limit

Environment: 0 to 50 degrees C, humidity to 95% (no condensation)

Safety Compliance: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. LISTED Telephone Equipment

FCC Registration:
Registration Number: BVV8VH-63354-OT-N
Ringer Equivalence: 0.1B

Radiated Noise Compliance: contains no circuitry subject to EMI regulations

Reliability: MTBF 26.5 years, per Method I of Bellcore TS-TSY-000332, Issue 2, July 1988

Interconnections: contains one 25-pair plug; installer must supply one 25-pair connector

Power Requirement:
No external power is required. Power is provided by the CO ground start trunks.

8.75 inches high (22.2 cm)
8.75 inches wide (22.2 cm)
3.25 inches deep (8.3 cm)

Mounting: four #8 pan-head screws are included with each unit, use if appropriate

Weight: less than 2 pounds (0.9kg)


Specifications subject to change without notice.


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