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Model 734A DC Power Supply with Battery Back-Up


Model 734A Front View

Model 734A Back View

The Model 734A DC Power Supply with Battery Back-Up provides a filtered and regulated source of 54 volts DC with a maximum output current of 2 amperes. The nominal input voltage is 120 volts, 60 hertz. Rechargeable batteries contained within the Model 734A provide output back-up capability in the event of an AC input voltage interruption. Under battery operation, the Model 734A will continue to supply a 2 ampere DC output for up to nominally three hours. For output loads of less than 2 amperes the battery operating time will substantially increase. The unit is completely self-contained in a compact enclosure. Mounting kits, available separately, allow the unit to be wall or rack mounted. The Model 734A is Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. LISTED under their CUL-1950 ITE category.

Model 734A Specifications

Input Voltage: 95-135 volts, 47-63 hertz

Input Current: 2.0 amperes, maximum

Input Power Cord:
Type: 3-conductor with NEMA 5-15P plug
Length: 6 feet (2 meters), nominal, not detachable

Output Voltage:
54 volts DC, nominal, with AC input voltage present
48 volts DC, nominal, battery operation; no AC input voltage present

Output Current: 2.0 amperes continuous, maximum

Recommended Minimum Output Load Current: 50 milliamperes (helps maintain correct charge voltage)

Output Ripple Voltage: less than 100 millivolts p-p; “talk-battery” quality

Output Protection:
Type: solid-state, automatic reset

Batteries: 4
Type: 12 volts, 7.2 ampere-hour (Ah), sealed lead-acid (Panasonic LC-R127R2P or equivalent), classed for transportation as “Non-Spillable”

Battery Operating Time (Nominal):
20 hours, 0.3 ampere output load
10 hours, 0.6 ampere output load
5 hours, 1.2 ampere output load
3 hours, 2 ampere output load

Battery Charge Time (Nominal):
3 hours, no output load
6 hours, 1 ampere output load
24 hours, 2 ampere output load
Figures reflect charging process beginning with batteries in fully discharged state

Automatic Battery Disconnect:
Type: solid-state
Operating Threshold: 41 volts, nominal

Input to Output Efficiency: 80%, nominal, measured with 120 volt, 60 hertz input, 2 ampere output load

Output Connector—3-Position:
Functions Supported: ground, DC output
Type: Phoenix Contact (or equivalent) pluggable terminal strip, 0.2-inch (5.08 mm) contact centers
Mating Plug (included with Model 734A): Phoenix part number IC2,5/3-ST-5,08 (Phoenix order number 1786187) or equivalent

Output Connector—6-Position:
Functions Supported: ground, DC output, status contact
Type: Molex® Mini-Fit, Jr.™ 6-position dual row header
Mating Connector: Molex Mini-Fit, Jr. 6-position dual row receptacle, suggested part number 39-01-2060; suggested crimp-on female terminals part number 39-00-0039

LED Status Indicators: 2
Functions: AC input present, DC output present

Status Contact:
Action: normally open (not shorted)
Type: sealed bifurcated relay contact, isolated
Rating: 0.5 amperes maximum at 60 volts AC or 60 volts DC (resistive)
Function: closes (shorts) upon loss of AC input power, defined as nominally less than 15 volts

Safety Compliance: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. CUL-1950 ITE LISTED

Radiated Noise Compliance: complies with FCC Part 15, subpart J, class A for radiated and conducted emission

Operating Environment:
68 degrees F (20 degrees C), nominal. Intended for operation in commercial environment where air conditioning is present. Operation at temperatures greater than recommended will significantly reduce battery life.

Dimensions (Overall):
2.9 inches high (7.4 cm)
17.0 inches wide (43.2 cm)
9.1 inches deep (23.1 cm)
Figures reflect no mounting brackets attached

Mounting: wall, 19-inch rack, or 23-inch rack mounting kits available, purchased separately. Rack mounting requires two standard rack spaces (3.5 vertical inches). A mounting kit is required for every installation; not included with Model 734A.

32.7 pounds (14.9 kg)
35.2 pounds (16.0 kg), shipping weight
Figures reflect no mounting brackets attached


Specifications subject to change without notice.


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